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PIRNAR - Contemporary
custom designed front doors

PIRNAR offers free-of-charge drawing-up of your Pirnar entry door.

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For a free consultation and a free-of-charge drawing-up of your Pirnar entry door.

Pirnar entrances can be customized to your projects. They can be made of glass, aluminium or wood. Upon entering, you can be greeted by the super contemporary glass, uncompromising firmness of aluminium or embraced by delicate wood. Only the best know what they want. Free your mind. Forget all limitations. Make your decisions freely. Everything is possible with PIRNAR.

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Prestigious awards for
innovation and design

We believe in miracles ...

We believe in the boundless potential of human imagination. We believe in a future pushing the limits of what is possible. We are proud to be trend creators and the first choice for those with exquisite taste thanks to the best of our products.


Awarded designs. Handcrafted masterpieces. World innovations.

We both share a simple goal: to evoke admiration with everything we do. At PIRNAR, everything we do is designed to arouse admiration. Therefore, we can support you by offering you the most innovative, internationally acclaimed, impeccably designed and uncompromisingly manufactured luxury exterior doors made in Europe.

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